251 FISCHER RC4 WORLDCUP, L150cm, R11m - 2016

251 FISCHER RC4 WORLDCUP, L150cm, R11m - 2016
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FISCHER WORLD CUP  - slalom skis for professionals. Stand out with perfect geometry for short and long turns. This model provide good grip even on icy slopes.

Model                   2016  High class skis

Length                  150cm;

Radius                  11m;

Geometry              119mm - 68mm - 101mm;

Construction         Sandwich Sidewall Construction, Wood core, Air Carbon, World Cup Tuning, Hole Ski Technology,                                   Racetrack binding plates

Bindings                 FISCHER, 120kg, аdjustable to any ski boot sizes;

Level                      Itermediate, Advanced, Expert;

Terrain                   100% Piste ;

Edges                    90% thickness of the edges;

Surfaces                polished.

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