018 ATOMIC NOMAD Smoke Ti, L157cm, R12.9m

018 ATOMIC NOMAD Smoke Ti, L157cm, R12.9m
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ATOMIC NOMAD Smoke Ti are Аll Mountain skis with  the most unique ARC technology. In ARC the whole power is centralized in a signle point situated at the center of the ski, providing easy and natural bending. This technology ensures the skis are in contact with the surface at any time.  The above-stated ensures perfect ride at all types of snow. The woodcore, reinforced with titanium layers, makes the skis super resistant and unmatched in the race. The Step Down Sidewall 2.0 construction improves the perfectly traction on compacted snow. And the All Mountain Rocker profile provides maximum flexibility and maneuverability.

Model              VIP class skis

Length                  157cm;

Radius                  12.9m;

Geometry             122.5mm - 76mm - 102mm;

Construction         Sandwich, Light Woodcore, Titanium Powered,  Atomic Topsheets,  Stepdown Sidewall 2.0;

Technology            ARC tehnology


Profile                    All mountain Rocker 85% Camber, 15% Rocker


Bindings                ATOMIC,  120kg, аdjustable to any ski boot sizes;

Level                     Itermediate, Advanced;

Terrain                  All mountain

Edges                   90% Thikness of the edges;

Surfaces               polished.

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