Customers, who buy 2 or more products from our shop at the same visit, get special discount by using coupon.

If you buy 2 pairs of skis, you get £20 discount - use coupon  discount20

 If you buy 3 or 4 pairs of skis, you get £40 discount  - use coupon discount40

If you buy 5 pairs of skis, you get £60 discount - use coupon discount60

If you buy 1 pair of skis and 1 pairs of ski boots,  you get £20- use coupon discount20

If you buy 2 pairs of skis and 2 pairs of ski boots, you get £40 - use coupon discount40


For buying more products, please contact us for additional discount.

How to use a coupon:

1. Add to Cart the products you wish to buy  

2. Once products are added to your cart, press the grey arrow under Shopping Cart on the top of the page.  You will see all added products and Total price. Click View Cart under Total price.

3. Buying pressing View Cart you go to your Shopping cart. There is a Coupon field in your Shopping cart.  Click Use Coupon Code and write the coupon matching the number of the products you added.

4. Click Checkout to complete your order.

Coupons are used for buying 2 or more products on the same visit. In case you use coupon in an appropriate way, you will be asked for higher amount or your order could be canceled. 

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