0820 Rossignol EXPERIENCE 84 Carbon, L162cm, R13m

0820 Rossignol EXPERIENCE 84 Carbon, L162cm, R13m
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ROSSIGNOL Experience 84 -  excellent skis for intermediate and advanced skiers looking for more maneuverability and easy curves. In order to ensure high stability, traction, power and speed-up, in their construction is used carbon. The carbon fiber has low weight and its mechanical properties are comparable. Basically the carbon requires a lot of work and effort to be adapted to the basic design, but after being utilized it offers unparalleled contact with the snow and breathtaking performance. About the Experience 84 skis, Rossignol used the technology Air Tip, which makes them perfect freeride skis. Their weight is lower at the top which maximize the security and flexibility. The weight is concentrated in the center of the skis, to ensure control and power under the feet of the skier. The construction is Minicap Sandwich, solid and massive, offering more stability. In order to reduce the inertia, and also to improve the traction, the side walls are angled at 30 °.

Model                 High class

Length                162cm;

Radius                13m;

Geometry           133mm - 84mm - 120mm;

Construction       Minicap Sandwich, Auto turn technology;

Profile                  Auto Turn Rocker -  30% Camber, 70% Rocker


Bindings             ROSSIGNOL AXIUM, 120kg, аdjustable to any ski boot sizes;

Level                   intermediate, advanced;

Edges                  90%  thickness of the edges;

Surfaces              polished.

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