053 SALOMON 24 Hours MAX, L170cm, R15m

053  SALOMON 24 Hours MAX, L170cm, R15m
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SALOMON 24 Hours - These skis offer extreme sensations, even forprofessionals.This powerful and pricemodel will allow you to take on medium to long turns with the mindset of a champion. Salomon used magnesium  in the construction of these skis  to minimize the vibrations and achieve excellent acceleration. The main technology which is used is Pulse Pad -elastic layer built into the front of the skiswhich filters the vibrations and provides smooth contact between the  skis and snow.

Model                 VIP Class Skis

Length                170cm;

Radius                15m;

Geometry            120mm - 72mm - 103mm;

Construction        Sandwich Construction, Wood Core, Powerline Titanium; 

Profile                  Rocker / Camber


Bindings              SALOMON, 100kg, аdjustable to any ski boot sizes;

Level                   Intermediate, beginner;

Terrain                 piste ;

Edges                  90%  thickness of the edges;

Surfaces              polished.

Link to the price of new skis SALOMON 24 Hours MAX




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